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Individual passenger transport companies in Dubai

A leading transport partner to anyone who wants to discover the enchanting city of Dubai in the most luxurious way. In the heart of UAE, where the skyscrapers meet the sands of deserts, Dubai is a city that needs to be explored. To help you with your exploration needs, we have come up with our commitment to excellence, extensive fleet of vehicles, and quality services. 

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Explore Dubai in Comfort and Style with the Bus rental Dubai

Our bus rental Dubai services are best fit for you if you want to explore Dubai, want transportation services for your corporate or personnel events, or want airport pick-and-drop services. With our commitment to excellence and diverse fleet, we invite you to experience the enchanting city of Dubai with us! 

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Staff Transportation Companies in Dubai

Who We Are

About Destiny Transport LLC:

Intending to provide transport services in Dubai to the people, we stepped into the transportation market back in 2018.  From the small fleet of that day to the extensive fleet of today, we have learned and implemented a lot to enhance transportation solutions for tourists and travelers.

We have been in the market for almost 1.5 decades now and each day is better than the rest. We learn a new thing every day, update our company with the latest technology, and implement the solutions for the specific problems. And our continuous efforts makes us the best bus rental Dubai Company in the market.

Premium Bus Rental in Dubai

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Our Services

Our Fleet – Where Luxury meets Variety:

Shuttle Bus Service

Airport Transport

Pick and Drop Service

Bus Rental Service

Staff Transport

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Our Fleet – Where Luxury meets Variety:

Our luxurious fleet at Destiny Transport LLC is ready to meet your transportation needs in Dubai. We have an extensive fleet to meet the needs of tourists and locals to help them get from one place to another. Our fleet includes,

  • Vans
  • Mini-buses
  • Buses 

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Riding with us, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Staff Transportation Companies in Dubai
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Exellent Service

Vehicles in Our Luxurious Fleet for Bus Rental Dubai :

We are a leading bus rental company in all over Dubai. We have vehicles of different types to fulfill the needs of our customers from vans to buses. The luxurious, comfort-providing vehicles in our fleet are,

  • 7 seater Mini-Buses
  • 13-Seater Toyota Hiace 2023
  • 22-seater Mini-Buses
  • 30 seater Buses
  • 35-seater Buses
  • 49-seater Buses
  • 52-seater Buses
  • 60-seater Buses
  • 67-seater Buses
  • 80-seater Buses

 We are the best passenger transport providing company in Dubai. We can provide the transportation to 7 to 800 people with our extensive fleet in a-go. You can choose any one or multiple to fulfill your large or small group’s transportation needs. 

Our Bus Rental Services- Beyond Expectations:

Our Services section is as diverse as the roads of Dubai. We have multiple services at our end and we don’t limit ourselves to that and provide customization to the ones, who have some plans to discover Dubai in their tone.

Shuttle Bus Services :

The Shuttle bus service is among the well-known services we provide in Dubai. Our fleet of 7-seater to 60-seater buses is all set to take you from one tourist spot to the other. We customize the tourist’s spot on the taste of the travelers.

 We have buses of various models to help our clients with their transportation needs. Our 7-seater, 9-seater, 22-seater, 35-seater, and 50 seater buses are available for shuttle bus services.

Airport Pick and Drop:

Airport transport service is popular in Dubai with a rate of 7,700 flights rate per week. This large number of people need airport pick and drop services and most of them are not the residents of Dubai. To solve this problem, we offer airport passenger transport services in Dubai with our diverse fleet to the one who need.

From individual passenger transport companies in Dubai to group transport companies, we are the leading bus rental Dubai Company that provides airport pick and drop services to its diverse nature of clients. Whether you need airport transport service for your staff, family, or any other group of people, we are the best service provider company in Abu Dhabi.

Pick and Drop Services:

With a total workforce of 2.6 M people, Dubai needs a proper transport system to give everyone a suitable space for transportation. To help in the case, Destiny Transport LLC provides our pick and drop services with our 7-seater to 80-seater buses to the workforce of Dubai. 

Our buses provide daily, weekly, and monthly packages to the working people of Dubai to help them pick-and-drop from their homes to the workplace.

Labor Transport:

As a leading bus rental Dubai Company, we also provide labor transport to the 1.6M laborers working in construction sites, industries, engineering, healthcare, medical, banking, and finance industries. We understand the need for labor transportation and we have come up with a proper plan to provide our passenger transport services to the laborers providing companies too.

To know more about our labor transport service, contact us and get the finest deals in Dubai! 

Staff Transport:

For the people in Dubai, time is money. We understand that and provide the staff transportation services to the business in Dubai. Our extensive fleet from the 7-seater, 22-seater, and 29-seater, to the 80-seater buses are all available for our staff transportation services in Dubai. 

We offer a convenient way to transport your staff, team, and clients to meetings, business events, and conferences. Our staff transportation services are the best services out of all the staff transportation companies in Dubai.

Special Occasion Transportation:

Planning a celebration in Dubai and worrying about the transportation of your corporate group or your family?

 No worry, we are here with our set of special events transportation services. We can provide you with our passenger transport services for events like weddings, birthdays, conferences, business meetings, and everything you want.

Don’t wait for the time to come and book your ride now with us! 

Booking Process for Bus Rental Dubai :

To make your exploration a breeze, our bus rental Dubai booking process is simple with four steps only. 


Plan your one-day trip or long tours with the dates you want to book a vehicle for. Make a travel itinerary to have a smooth onboarding process.


Go through our website and choose the number of vans, mini-buses, or buses you want to hire for your group of people, and contact us without any hesitation.


Call us on our WhatsApp or send an inquiry to us to book your ride after filling out some details. Our team will contact you and book your ride


On the assigned, the driver will come to pick you and your group from the assigned location and help you to give an unforgettable exploration of Dubai. 

Our Expert Staff:

Professionally Trained Drivers:

The staff at our company is experiences, trained and full of knowledge. They are the backbone of our company. And you will love to take assistance from them. The key features of our staff are,

Local Knowledge:

Our drivers are well-knowledgeable and aware of road conditions and know how and when to take alternative routes in case of deadlock situation.

Bilingual Support:

We know language is a barrier for tourists in a city like Dubai as Dubai welcomes tourists from all over the world. As a solution to this problem, we have bilingual drivers and staff to make the journey smooth.

Unparalleled Customer Support:

We provide unparalleled customer support out of all the passenger transport companies in Dubai. We are here for you at any time of the day to help you with the urgent booking or to tackle any other situation.

Why Us as Your Next Bus Rental Dubai?

Customer-Focused Approach:

We know every ride is different, and we have a customer-focused approach for every ride. We plan and execute a ride based on our client’s taste and style whether it’s a staff transportation or air-port transfer.

24/7 Availability:

We are available to you and your loved ones in the day, in the night, every time. You can contact us any time of the day for any query. Don’t hesitate and call now to get to know about the latest deals in the town!

Flexible Plans:

We are providing flexible bus rental plans for the people of Dubai with our sleek, elegant section of fleet and quality bus rental services. We have hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly plans as a leading bus rental Dubai Company.

Affordable Services:

With our aim to provide quality services accessible to everyone in the line, we are providing our best transport services at the best affordable prices. Call us to learn more about our budget-friendly rates and book now!

Online Booking:

As per our belief, a business not on the Internet will be out of business soon. We have online booking services for travelers and any other who don’t want to visit the office.

To know more, go through our booking process above. 

Tourist Friendly Services:

Our passenger transport services also cover the section of tourists. We have different plans for tourists to give them the best of Dubai City tour and help them to see the rich culture, dunes, and skyscrapers of Dubai and get the best out of it. 

Transparent Pricing:

With us, you don’t have to pay a single dirham extra. You will pay for the services you get, nothing else. Our transparent pricing system will make everything clear to you as to why you pay a particular amount.

Conclusion: Book Bus Rental Dubai for Long Tour

In the ever-evolving, vibrant city of UAE, Destiny Transport LLC- is your go-to partner to explore the city. Our bus rental Dubai is renowned for providing quality services with ease, comfort, and elegance. With our extensive fleet, professional staff, and decades of experience in this industry, we are unlocking the doors of Dubai’s treasures for travelers.

Out of all the bus transport companies in Dubai, we are the one you can rely on. Enjoy the magnificent journey with us where quality meets elegance and comfort meets luxury 7 Seater Car Rental .

Book our vehicles now with the best transport company in Dubai. You are just a reservation away!


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